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We've have created the Meon Vale Place Book, a digital book dedicated to everything we think is great about Meon Vale; the homes, the history, the wildlife, the walkways and cycleways, the school, and the community. In this, you’ll find a helpful directory of all the people, groups and places to contact should you have any questions about living in Meon Vale and the surrounding areas.

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Bringing forward new proposals

We want to help make Meon Vale an even better place to live, work and thrive.  That’s why St. Modwen has been developing some exciting plans for the village’s outside spaces and ideas about how we can work with the community to shape the long-term vision for Meon Vale.

Playgrounds, woodland and green open spaces

Earlier this year we ran a short survey asking residents for their comments about what they would like to see included in proposals for new playgrounds and potential enhancements to the woodland and green open spaces around Meon Vale.

We were grateful to receive lots of positive, enthusiastic feedback and creative thinking and have been busy using this to inform our designs.

The plans are now being finalised for the new play spaces, which will be located on the edge of the woodland and include areas to suit both younger and older children. 

At the same time we’ve been continuing to bring forward some enhancements across Meon Vale’s outdoor space and thinking about how the woodland can be managed in the longer-term.  We have a range of opportunities and biodiversity initiatives that the community could take forward – and would like to hear if you want to get involved.

New community facilities, working together

As well as the outdoor spaces, we want to develop a strategy for improving the wider facilities at Meon Vale for the long-term benefit of the community. This could include how the community hall, pavilion and sports pitches are used. We’re also exploring the possibility of providing a remote working facility for residents to access.

We’ve already been working with a number of local groups including the Meon Vale Working Group and Meon Vale Residents Association to gather some suggestions for initiatives and services that could be provided at the village.

How to get involved

On the 25th September we held a community event at Meon Vale, presenting some proposals and inviting the community’s feedback and ideas about the future of the village.

You can see the information that was on display by clicking here along with some indicative images of the play equipment here.  

If you have any queries or would like to get involved in the future of Meon Vale, including helping to take forward new initiatives at the village, please get in touch via



Formerly known as the Long Marston Estate, the Meon Vale site was previously owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and was occupied by the Army Engineering Corp. It was acquired by St. Modwen in 2004. Meon Vale’s 478 acres are situated off the B4632, equidistant between Stratford-upon-Avon and the beautiful Cotswold town of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

The Vision

St. Modwen’s vision for Meon Vale is to create a vibrant, self-contained and sustainable mixed-use development, including an extension of Greenway from Stratford upon Avon, through the site.

Meon Vale already benefits from:

  • A leisure hub, grass and astro-turf sports pitches, public open space and public access to woodland.
  • Retained and improved ecological habitats and landscaping.
  • 800,000 sq ft of retained employment space.
  • Planning permission for 1,050 homes. Multiple phases of development at Meon Vale have already been completed and St. Modwen Homes, Redrow, and Persimmon Homes are currently designing and constructing further phases of the site.
  • A temporary primary school, with construction of a larger permanent school now underway in the centre of the village.

Planning permission for the first 500 homes was obtained in 2010, and a further 550 homes were granted planning permission in 2015 taking the total consent to 1050 houses, 35% of which is affordable housing. Planning permission for the new primary school also formed part of the latest consent. The £5m Meon Vale Leisure Centre opened in August 2014 and includes the latest gym equipment, a multi-purpose sports hall, a wide range of workout classes and an all-weather sports pitch. Simultaneously, the central facilities on site also opened, including a shop, community centre, public open space, children’s play area and skate park, as well as a 1-mile Greenway extension into Stratford-upon-Avon. Following delays associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Modwen is working closely with the Parish Council to allocate the new allotments, and open a community café in the Pavilion, as soon as possible.

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Welcome to Meon Vale

Since obtaining outline planning permission in 2010, St. Modwen has been working with local stakeholders including Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Warwickshire County Council, local residents and parish councillors to deliver the mixed-use scheme, which continues to be successfully developed.


The masterplan seeks to create a vibrant, self-contained, self-sufficient village. The realisation of this vision is well underway, maximising the value of a sustainable location on a rural brownfield site for new housing, employment, leisure and community assets.


Our vision is to create a self-sufficient village at Meon Vale where residential, leisure and employment areas are brought together by a central leisure and community hub.

Leisure and community hub

Located half way between the idyllic towns of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire and Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire, Meon Vale is ideally located for enjoying Shakespeare’s birthplace and the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Uniting all elements of the development is the central leisure and community hub offering a range of facilities including:

  • Convenience store
  • Community centre
  • Primary school
  • Leisure centre
  • Sports pitches
Our Leisure Centre

Residential Community

The housing mix now includes:

  • Up to 1,050 new homes
  • Properties ranging from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses
  • Affordable housing to meet local needs

Offering a range of homes designed to appeal to first time buyers, as well as growing families, St. Modwen is creating a diverse and sustainable community at Meon Vale, helping ensure that local people can continue to live and work in the area. St. Modwen Homes at Meon Vale offers a superb collection of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes, all of which are designed to our high standards, including designer kitchens and contemporary bathrooms, as well as high ceilings and large windows throughout.

Residential Community

Meon Vale Business Park

Meon Vale Business Park provides a very secure environment with 24-hour security via a manned gatehouse. On site accommodation includes warehouse and industrial units of between 10,000 and 90,000 sq ft.

Our Business Park


Access and Movement

Meon Vale has been designed to promote walking, cycling and public transport as realistic modes of travel for more people, while recognising the continued prevalence of journeys made by car. As the site continues to develop steps are being taken to support:

  • Direct cycle and pedestrian connections, particularly between employment and residential parts of the site, linking with the Greenway extension, which runs through the site.
  • Direct bus route connections with the surrounding network, including a twice hourly peak service between Moreton-in-Marsh and Stratford upon Avon.
  • Road improvements to the entrance to the site, including the new roundabout at the Campden Road/Shipston Road junction and funds allocated to improve other junctions in the area.
  • Linkage to and extension of the Greenway from Stratford-upon-Avon through the site.


Retention of Trees - The mature belts of trees located on the edge of the site, and those located at the site’s entrance and within the south eastern and north western parts of the site, will be retained where practical. Public access to 35 acres of onsite woodland is provided.


Meon Vale has been sensitively designed to minimise the impact on local wildlife by retaining important habitats and maintaining or improving pathways to enable species to move freely within the site.

St. Modwen has demonstrated its commitment to ecology at Meon Vale with habitat enhancement to protect the rare and endangered Grizzled Skipper butterfly, having won the national Marsh Award for the “Promotion of Lepidoptera”.

Further work to enhance habitats for water vole, bats, birds, grass snakes and great crested newts on the site is also proving to be successful.

Overall, with careful design and St. Modwen’s commitment to ongoing management of wildlife habitats, biodiversity at Meon Vale is continuing to increase with each new phase of the development. These net gains include:

Wetland creation and habitat enhancement: Several habitat enhancing measures have been successfully incorporated into the development including naturalising and enhancing the existing ditch network, pond creation, and wetland and wildflower grassland creation. This has enhanced the site for a variety of protected species, in particular for water voles, birds and bats.

Species protection:  We have increased the number of roosting opportunities for bats with the construction of two new bat houses, and creation of new roost features on trees and new buildings. Dark habitat corridors are retained to enable bats to move between retained and newly created feeding grounds and roosts.

Our surveys confirm that ecology has improved at the site over the last decade, which appears to be as a direct result of development. St. Modwen will continue to provide ongoing management in order to support the ecological value and the community’s enjoyment of Meon Vale.


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